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We have all the trading resources you need

Leverage our trading experts, market knowledge and trading tools to drive better profits from your trading.

Chump Profit is an exclusive community for retail traders. It’s a place where you can learn how to trade like a pro, connect with real, trustworthy trading experts, avoid the scammers and get the right strategies and tools you need to generate profitable monthly returns. 

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Master Forex Trading

More than 80% of retail traders have lost money or have been scammed by bad brokers.

Chump Profit is a team of traders and fund managers trading the markets for our exclusive members. By combining mentoring, news, insights, trading signals and managed PAMM accounts, we give retail traders everything they need to have a more profitable trading portfolio.

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1,000's of traders trust our services

Leading The Way In Forex Retail Trading

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We create a trading strategy that's right for you

After 10 years of trading the markets and teaching 1,000's of individuals how to trade, Chump Profit is changing the norm of the industry. We have helped people that have been previously scammed and lost their investments by helping them turn around their financial situation and creating new portfolios that gets them back into profit. 

Our Flagship Service - Chump Profit Managed PAMM Account

A managed Forex PAMM account with Chump Profit (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a model of trading whereby Investors pool funds together, which our Manager then allocates into active trades.

It works when you open a trading account under your name with our broker and allow us to execute trades on your behalf.

Whenever a trade is placed on our PAMM account, the trades will automatically be copied to each of our investor accounts.

This means once you connect your account to ours, we will trade on your behalf and no further work on your end is required. 

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