About the Chump Profit PAMM Account

Easily Enhance Your Trading

Simply put, PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a model of trading whereby Investors pool funds together, which a Manager then allocates into active trades. This allows traders to participate in live markets with minimal effort by means of a seasoned expert.

How Does a PAMM Work?

Our Manager trades on the PAMM account using both personal and investors funds with the intention to maximise profits for everyone. The fund is tracked daily.  The better the Manager's trading results the better percentage gain. At the end of each month, the profits gained are proportionally allocated between the PAMM account participants.

Advantages of a Chump Profit PAMM Account

The Chump Profit PAMM Account allows our clients to enter the forex trading market without any knowledge or expertise in trading. You get to benefit from the fast paced financial markets where high volatility can bring huge potential profits in a short period of time.

We are very aware that most retail forex traders with no experience are highly likely to lose their funds.

At Chump Profit, we have developed strategies and risk management techniques that have proven over time our success.


With our Chump Profit Managed Forex account, investors benefit from profits with minimal involvement. (However, risks of capital loss still apply)


We work on a referral basis and clients choose us for our reputation of delivering profitable returns.