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Fineco Bank Broker Review

Established in 1999, Fineco Bank is one of Europe's largest banks, listed and part of Euro Stoxx 600. An Italian fintech bank that offers a variety of services to both retail and professional clients which now serves the UK market.


They offer access to thousands of assets, options, commodities and futures and very competitive prices.


The platform also offers traditional share-dealing services. They have more than 20 years of experience in brokerage, with 1.3 million clients and 40+ million orders processed every year.


They hold the 'World's Best Banks Accreditation by Forbes 2022 and are fully regulated by European regulators.


They are currently offering £500 in trading commissions when you open an account before 31 December 2022. Find more details here

Offering of Financial Instruments

Fineco Bank offers access to 26 world markets in the local currency without conversion fees, spread only. We like this very much. It means you can choose from thousands of UK and international stocks and shares.


They offer more than 50+ currency pairs, stocks, indices such as S&P500 Dow Jones, FTSE 100 and NASDAQ 100, commodities such as gold, silver, oil and gas, options, futures, bonds, ETF's. Read more

Fineco Bank Account Types

Fineco Bank offers through its proprietary trading platform CFD trading across a wide range of asset classes with leverage. If you're based in Europe and classed as a retail trader, your limits will be capped to 30:1 on major currency pairs and less on other assets.


Fineco Bank also offers a traditional share dealing account where you can buy and hold assets across all the major exchanges in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Finland as well as the London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. 

There are also accounts for longer term investing, such as Fineco ISA and managed portfolios. There are different types to choose from depending on your appetite for risk. 

Commissions and Fees

Fineco Bank positions itself as a low-cost high value bank. It offers currency trading in the local currency so there are no exchange fees, just spread fees. The specific fees and commissions paid are related to the type of asset that is traded. 

The most competitive fees are on the major pairs such as the EUR/USD which start at 0.8 pips. Although you can get better spreads from other brokers, its important to point out that there are no additional fees to pay. 

Fineco Bank does not add any mark up to its stock CFD spreads too, so you can be confident that you are getting the market price. 

Indices CFD's offer the most competitive spreads around, offering 0.4 pips on the S&P 500 and 0.6 pips on the FTSE 100 and NASDAQ. 

When it comes to share dealing and ETF dealing Fineco Bank are probably the cheapest we have found. For shares and ETF's listed on the London Stock Exchange the fee is £2.95 per trade.

There is also no account monthly fees, no custody fees, no minimum deposit and no inactivity charges. Learn More

Fineco Bank Mobile App

The mobile app is pretty much a duplicate of the main desktop. It has the ability to check live market prices, place live orders and manage your portfolio. The app is only available on Andriod and iOS. 

Fineco Bank Platform and Tools

Its important to note that the brokerage accounts do not support MetaTrader 4/5. The platform is their own proprietary platform called PowerDesk, which is down be accessed through the web or downloaded via a mobile application. 

The main benefit of the platform is that it is fully customisable to whatever you want it to display. You also get interactive charts with fixed candlesticks. You can add all your charts to a single screen, which is great for tracking all your trades simultaneously. 

Why we like to trade with Fineco Bank
Fineco Bank Research

If technical indicators are your strong point then you will be pleased with the PowerDesk platform, which gives you options to all the resources you need, including 90 indicators, data sheets, company reports, detailed snapshots of assets. You will also get analysts recommendations on popular assets. There is also a dedicated learning area, where you can watch video tutorials, webinars and analysts sharing key market developments. 

Regulation. Fineco Bank is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. This ensures that you are able to trade in a safe and secure environment. When it comes to the safety of your investments this is up there as one of the safest options on the market. 

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