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Powered by M&G Wealth. &me is an investing app designed to help you feel more confident in your investing decisions

A digital-first investing experience

The app is designed to help people get started with investing, so its ideal for first time investors. Fully regulated by the UK FCA, the app is really easy to use and guides people through the process of investing, but more importantly it has real financial advisors to help answer real questions as you go through the investing process. You can call or chat with dedicated &me consultants right from the app or book a video meeting. 

The app works by getting to know you, your circumstances, and risk appetite through asking you a few simple questions. &me considers your answers and creates a personalised investment portfolio recommendation for you. You then open an account and choose how to invest whether that is for a Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA, Personal Pension, or General Investment Account



&me has two types of portfolios Classic or Targeted. The Classic is made up of ETF's, US equities & UK corporate bonds. The Targeted is a blend of active and passive funds. 

Investment Managers

investment managers

Including, Federated Hermes, First Sentier, iShares, M&G, Manulife, Pictet, PIMCO, Robeco and Wellington all investing in equities, bonds and alternatives

Actively Managed

actively managed

Analysis, performance and global trends, make ongoing investments about where to invest and find new opportunities with the potential to deliver long-term returns



M&G Wealth's investment expertise is key to deciding which investments to use and how much to invest in each asset class on your behalf. 

Management Fees

The minimum investment to use the &me app is £500. The more you invest the lower the fees: 

Invested Amount starting from £500
Invested Amount up to £500,000
Fee %

Other Fees

On top of the management fee there is also an investment fund fee to be aware of. For the Classic portfolio this is 0.19% and for the Targeted portfolio this is 0.42%. So if you invested £20,000 you would pay £14.67 per month if a Classic portfolio was chosen and £17.83 per month for a Targeted portfolio.

Shape Up Your Finances

Unlike savings, investing involves an element of uncertainty. This is because when investing, your money is linked to the stock market and other assets which rise and fall in value. However, the longer you stay invested, the more likely your money will outgrow traditional savings accounts. So, once you have enough cash put away for a rainy day, considering investing the rest can be a smart move.

The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. We don’t offer financial advice, so its important you understand the risks of trading and investing. If you’re unsure, please consult a suitably qualified financial advisor.

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