Regulated and Verified Brokers 


The UK is known as the centre of the foreign exchange market. One of the world's strictest regulators, the Financial Control Authority (FCA) provides regulatory oversight to protect investors and to hold a tight rein over the brokerage community's activities, both foreign and domestic. 

We recommend considering the following when choosing a broker. Safety and security, management transparency, asset choices, fees and spreads, customer and technical support, trading platform options, ease of depositing and withdrawing funds.  Trading platforms must have a user-friendly interface with quick order execution and the ability to close positions quickly without delay. Quick order execution related to reliability, which is often the most talked about issue amongst traders. 

Depending on your level of trading experience, you may also want to consider other features that appeal to your trading style and strategy. For example, we prefer to use a broker that allows scalping strategies, provides trading signals, technical indicators and charts. 

For most brokers, using MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or TradeStation are standard. 

The best way to decide which broker to use is to do a test run with them first. We recommend testing how easy it is to sign up to their platform. How they respond during the sign-up process, do they communicate with you all the way.  Test the deposit process with a small $50 deposit and make sure to test the withdrawal process. How long does it take them to process your withdrawal request. More than 3 working days in not considered acceptable. 

There are many excellent brokers and trading platforms out there. Too many to mention. We have put together a list of the ones we think are the best trading platforms for your consideration and in complete transparency are the only ones that we will work with. You cannot go wrong with any of these brokers, we have tested them all out for you and they have excellent platforms, technology, payment processes, customer service and most of all they are reliable and trustworthy.