Manchester United Stock Surges 68% Apple wants to buy.

The Glazer's, the sellers, say United have 1.2 billion supporters. Sure, not Ronaldo though.

Ok, so this is the dream for a United fan, a big organisation buys them and they can then compete with Manchester City and their national sponsorship by Abu Dhabi, a nation, they have oil.

Last month Elon Musk tweeted he bought United, he was probably approached prior. So the cat is out the bag, Glazers want out, the failed Super League and the hatred of the fans may finally force them to sell it for big bucks. I will not get into the politics but it does have a big financial angle.

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

EXCLUSIVE Manchester United could have significantly more funds at their disposal than both Manchester City and Newcastle should technology giants Apple complete a blockbuster takeover.

Quote, the newsworthy Sun Newspaper, owned by a guy who tried to buy United decades ago, remember?

So what is this all about? as soon as the Glazers announced they wanted out ,the stock, traded in NYSE shot up.

Shares of Britain's publicly traded Manchester United (NYSE: MANU) football club soared this week.

The reason: Yesterday after close of trading, Manchester United announced that it will explore "strategic alternatives to enhance the club's growth." and therefore potential big investment and growth.

Now, that all sounds a bit vague, but in investing circles, "exploring strategic alternatives" is often code for "looking to sell the company" -- generally at a premium price -- and that's what's getting investors excited about this stock.

There aren't a whole lot of publicly traded sports teams available for ordinary investors to buy into, after all. In addition to Manchester United, Chelsea where recently sold for big bucks.

Roman Abramovich had acquired Chelsea in 2003, he became the most successful and controversial Premier League owner of the last two decades before the U.K. government forced him to sell the club because of his links with Russia president Vladimir Putin. The final sales price was $5.2 billion.

So how much is United worth and how much do the owners want?

Rumours move stock prices.

Apple, with an annual turnover of £326billion, could lodge a bid to takeover the club according to many sources.

The Dow Jones tech titan has no experience with owning a sports team, but CEO Tim Cook reportedly sees big opportunities from such a deal.

Apple+ airs Major League Soccer, as well as Friday Night Baseball. Its award-winning comedy Ted Lasso is about a U.S. football coach running a Premier League soccer team.

The Glazers, bowing to fans, recently agreed to put the Premier League soccer giant up for sale. They initially set an asking price of 8.25 billion pounds.

Apple stock lost a fraction before the open in Friday's stock market trading. Shares edged up rose 0.6% to 151.07 on Wednesday after rebounding from its 50-day moving average on Tuesday. The Dow stock is still below its 200-day moving average.

Manchester United stock jumped nearly 8% early Friday. MANU stock skyrocketed 26% to 18.80 on Wednesday, a 13-month high after surging nearly 15% on Tuesday.

So, is it possible?

Why it could make sense for Apple to buy Manchester United

Apple has always made its money selling slick computer hardware many of us love. Think iMac, iPod, iPhone and those white AirPods. But as the pandemic has shown, the world is changing and Apple has pivoted its business to become less reliant on successful hardware launches. To achieve this, it has invested in building services such as Apple Music and TV+, which generated $78 billion (£64bn), around 20 per cent of Apple’s total revenue in 2022. The company already has significant reach — ratings firm Barb (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) in June claimed Apple’s TV service was available in 1.57 million UK homes. You don’t even need an Apple device to watch these programmes, either, as they are available on most smart televisions, games consoles and media sticks.

While most of those homes are probably watching Ted Lasso and other crap, Apple also wants to make its service a destination for sports entertainment. It has inked a 10-year international deal to stream Major League Soccer (MLS) games from February 2023 and already streams Major League Baseball (MLB) games. There’s a lot of talk of it agreeing deals to show NFL Sunday Ticket matches on TV+, too. All of these have cost sizeable sums — $2.5 billion (£2 billion) for MLS, for example.

Apple’s not scared to spend money to disrupt industries. And while most of its devotees will scoff at the MUFC speculation, the company often says it’s willing to spend money purchasing smaller firms that may give it a competitive advantage. And for the largest company in the world by revenue, most other firms are potential targets.

Apple’s senior vice president of Services, Eddy Cue, is a MLS fan. He also has an intrinsic understanding of how offering people access to the media they love helps to build interest in, and loyalty to, the Apple brand. He led services and iTunes when Apple made the iPod such a dominant force. In 2019, he told Sports Illustrated about Apple’s interest in sports. At that time, Apple had a team monitoring live sports events as it worked out how to disrupt the market.

You may recall how Sky became a household name by broadcasting sports entertainment by satellite. Apple’s interest in sports programming for Apple TV, combined with its huge investment in satellite services, means there’s arguably a strategically solid reason it may want to offer sports shows via TV+ to international audiences. If that’s the case — and it’s a huge ‘if’ given the argument here is all based on pure speculation — a decision to purchase one of the world’s most popular football teams makes sense. It would give Apple a global presence in the world’s most popular sport.

So , whatever the outcome the stock value of man united moved, time to trade?