Everyone is doing it. Dare to try?

Time to join the growing numbers?

Day traders are credited with sparking a revolution on Wall Street and worldwide, helping to supercharge the shares of GameStop (for example) and rattling the foundation of sectors of the hedge-fund industry in the process, truly, times are a changing.

Is it time to join? Cash is dead, your banks don’t want your savings, that’s a fact. Why not take control, I’m not saying trade all your savings, it’s definitely best to invest in established stocks or property etc., as proved over the years, but the big but, why not dabble with a bit of cash in the markets short term? In and out. Looks like the kids are doing it and succeeding. The established dinosaurs are worried, change in the status quo.

We are witnessing a new era in the financial markets. More and more people are trading, and as brokers are cleaning up their act with better transparency and stronger regulation, are you ready to give it a punt?

More people are trading or investing online as never before, and the leading brokers are assisting with this growth. Interaction, communication & transactions now go hand in hand and smart people are fully adapting to it - all powered by new fintech brokers and their attractive user-friendly platforms, especially to millennials.

The main type of online brokers for individual traders, known as retail traders, are also called discount brokers.

A retail/discount broker is a platform that charges a lower commission because they don’t offer any advice like research or trading for you, they only offer the platform and assets to trade the 'contracts for difference’. This allows you to speculate on whether an asset’s price will move up or down – without having to own the asset. This provides benefits, as well as the often-highlighted potential risk to trading.

Make sure you understand the fundamentals of CFD trading before you begin.

I have worked for numerous brokers and I started this site to assist people, to begin to trade and mitigate the risk. I am constantly approached by online brokers to promote their platforms, but I only pick specific ones, those who are regulated and not the money makers, therefore they are not the dealing desk, no conflict of interests, they simply do not make money from your losses but from the commissions they charge. NB, I really don’t care if I get paid by them, I just promote the industry.