Gold, Oil down, USD King

2022 has so far been very challenging for investors, and with global events continuing to cause uncertainty within financial markets and the possibility of a recession on the horizon,

it’s likely we’ll continue to see public markets struggle to deliver real investment returns.

So why not take advantage of the volatility and trade the price movement.

Oil, up or down?

Look at the fundamentals

OPEC+ meets to set policy today. Although they may agree to keep production the same or even vote to cut production to keep the price of oil high. We look at the facts that will push the prices down.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West have ramped up oil production to offset the Russian oil embargo.

An Iran nuclear deal would boost oil supply.

China is still reeling from Covid19 with continued lockdowns in the world’s biggest manufacturing economy.

Worldwide slowdown and even recession will dampen down demand.

Strong US Dollar, makes it more expensive for countries to import oil.

Look at the technical

Expect the price to head towards $90 prior to any OPEC announcements and then short end of day , week.

We predict the Oil price WTI will head towards the next support price of $85.


As above world slowdown and strong Dollar weakens demand for Gold.

Expectations that global central banks, including the Fed and the ECB, will continue with their aggressive tightening path will put pressure on the price of Gold.

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