Membership requirements to the chumpprofit trading floor.

Talking is easy, we get results, we have over 50 years combined trading experience and we win for our members.

Mentoring, $5000 investment.(Minimum).

If you are ready to enhance your trading knowledge, with our mentoring subscription you’ll learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of the forex market. You will receive weekly tutoring with one of our experienced traders that will help you identify current opportunities, whether or not to buy or sell based on technical analysis as well as fundamental data and be kept up to date with the weekly market trends.

We would be delighted to discuss in detail during our free initial meeting.

Elite, $2500 investment.(Minimum).

If you are a day trader that needs that extra pair of hands, with our Elite service we will give you everything you need to master your daily strategies. This includes, daily trading signals, copy trading, technical analysis, market research and a daily briefing of trading activity. With these additional resources you’ll be trading like a pro.

We would be delighted to discuss in detail during our free initial meeting.

Inner Circle $100,000 investment.(Minimum).

The Inner Circle is for a select group of experienced traders, not adverse to risk, looking to develop multiple trading portfolios. We take on all the hard work that goes into researching trading opportunities to maximise return on investment. With it, you get a dedicated trader trading on your behalf, a 24/7 managed account, leads on all trades and investments and a portfolio of stocks, forex and commodities. With this service we provide up to 100% return within 6 months.

Please note we are a small team and for the Inner circle we have a waiting list for this dedicated service.