Retail traders are losing more money than ever before…


We believe in doing things differently.

“A completely different way of trading is now available so you can finally stop staring at wiggles and jiggles on charts, trying to decipher the direction of the market and taking risks gambling with your trades instead of investing.

We have discovered that “with the rise of social retail trading, offering cheap, commission free trading through simply downloading free social apps many beginner traders are risking their money by trading the markets without any knowledge or experience, getting scammed along the way by people claiming to help you.

Take the guesswork out of trading and investing.

When we launched Chump Profit over 3 years ago, we thought we were only providing mentoring and training services for beginner traders. “Retail traders should be empowered to trade the markets’ we said. The stock market should be accessible to anyone that wants to trade it.” We didn’t realise at the time that we would create a whole new business model for retail traders – the idea that you shouldn’t just provide mentoring and trading you should provide trading as a managed service to help retail traders genuinely – not leave them to hang and dry once they have opened a trading account and started executing trades and so that’s what we do. We reduce the risk of trading and help clients to generate genuine realistic returns.

The status Quo of retail trading

· Painful processes

· Poor platform and trading execution

· Painful money withdrawals

· Aggressive sales techniques from so called ‘financial analysts’

· Poor customer service and account managers

· Conflict of interest between brokerage and trader

· Signals irrelevant or outdated

· No exit strategy

Over the years, it's been interesting to see why retail traders have preferred to subscribe to our services.

Risk Management. Many of the traders that have subscribed to us complain that they have previously lost money by making badly advised investment decisions, they did not do any research about their brokers, did not do any investment strategy or technical analysis, and simply traded on gut, or by what their account managers told them to do. In other words, they were gambling.

Our primary objective with any trading system is to mitigate risk in all market conditions. We utilise both technical and fundamental analysis for determining overall market conditions. We never take on any unnecessary risk and defend our accounts at early stages with our hedging strategy.

Real Returns. Our client’s accounts are managed by our expert fund managers trading the markets on behalf of clients. We aim to maximise the longevity of trading by executing the right strategies.

Lower stress and freedom. At a time when there is so much complexity, volatility, political uncertainty – navigating your way around the stock market is extremely challenging and not for the faint hearted. Even the experts spend hours and hours of market analysis before executing trades and investing. You must have balls of steal, hold your nerve to survive the ever-changing directions of the market and compete with the algorithms and machines.

Higher levels of confidence, transparency, and trust. Chump Profit fund managers are highly motivated to make its subscribers profitably successful. How so? We only get paid on the commission from the client's profits so it’s in our best interest to make profits for everyone. Our entire team from customer service, market analysts, fund managers jump through hoops to ensure that our subscribers stay with us for the long term through our ethos of providing transparent, open, honest, and trusting relationships.

What if you could invest, sit back, and relax and get a regular monthly passive income?

· Gain control over your finances

· Become more financially agile

· Have more money to build a bigger portfolio

· Increase your bank balance and have money for a rainy day

· Stop losing your hard-earned money through margin calls

How Chump Profit works

Dedicated client services

· Managed Forex Trading

· Dedicated expert trader managing your account

· Trading a minimum of 10 trades per day

· Trading UK and US markets 5 days a week

· Managing leverage

· Generating minimum monthly return of 10%

For better Success

· Builds cumulative growth

· Easy and quick withdrawals anytime

· Can package with our PAMM account

· Demonstrable ROI

Create Scale

· DIY multiple trading accounts

· Free daily trading signals

· Access to expert market analyst (daily call)

Customer Support

· Dedicated account manager

· Onboarding specialists

“Sign up to our free trading signals and see how we work.

Our client accounts

· Tim – invested £2k in August 2022 so far increased his account by 150%

· John – invested £10k in August 2022 now his portfolio is at £23k an increase of +100%

· Ron – invested £10k in June 2022 now his portfolio is on £19k +100%

Any questions?

We are here to help. You can contact us Monday to Friday 8am-8pm.