Trading or investing?


Who the hell are you and what are you actually offering?

Excellent question, your time is priceless, so let us summarise.

There are thousands of brokers offering trading platforms.

Which ones to trust? which ones to trade on? Most are very similar offering you the opportunity to speculate the market for a fee/commission.

This is just one hurdle to overcome. If the site is regulated in your locality, you are generally in a good position in terms of course of redress if things go wrong.


Very simple, we offer mentoring tailored to your individual needs.

You may be aware there are 1000’s of brokerages, webinars, eBooks, tutorials, , market blogs, finance news feeds, finance news, finance websites, best strategies, signals, finance experts, stock experts, currency experts, commodity experts, best technical analysts etc. etc etc…..

This list is endless and can be extremely confusing.

Why so much information. Simple, this industry is the biggest and is growing and everyone wants a piece of the cake, from your local to international banks to ‘your one-man band’.


Again, what are you offering me???

· General overview of trading or investing. How to begin, basically.

· Continuous market overview and opportunities. Simply, trading or investing help.

We prefer to communicate directly with potential clients.


How do you get paid, what is in it for you?


We are independent and therefore work for you, not the markets.

We earn a commission from brokers by introducing you to trading.

We earn from your continuous trading, so we need you to be successful.

Email if you are interested in beginning or want some independent views if you are already trading.

Hope to hear from you soon.