Congrats to one of our favourite brokers, again

The Broker Vantage was recognised as the Best Retail CFDs Broker at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2022 this week.

Ok, every broker highlights some awards on their platforms, maybe some we haven't even heard of, or maybe the cynic in Chump P, they made up. However, in our opinion this is important because Finance Magnates is the only global provider of multi-asset trading news, research, and events with a special focus on electronic trading, banking, investing, and the technology that drives them. They work in the heart of CFD forex market and their opinion is recognised and hold kudos.

We are often asked why we recommend Vantage and why we trade on their sites. (They have UK and ASIC regulation).

The answer from Chump Profit is easy, we want adjustable leverage and the ability to change the leverage from 1:30 up to 500, and we want it from a reputable and regulated broker. Scalping and all other strategies are allowed, there are no hidden terms and conditions that we have found, yet.., trying to stop you from making money.

Our preference is the Australia-based Vantage which is a global forex and CFD broker. Because Brits can use them. It was founded in 2009 and it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The group also has an entity regulated in the U.K. by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Vantage Global Prime LLP.

More awards

Vantage is considered safe because it is regulated by the top-tier regulators like ASIC and FCA.

Pros and cons.

Vantage has low forex fees and the non-trading fees are also very favourable (e.g. there is no inactivity fee). Opening an account at Vantage is a very rewarding experience as the process is super-fast (under 5 minutes) and fully digital. The broker offers a great variety of deposit and withdrawal options and most are free of charge.

On the flip side, the product portfolio at Vantage is rather limited as the broker only offers forex and some CFDs. The customer service could be improved, especially with respect to the relevance of e-mailed responses and the hour differences. Lastly, Vantage provides investors protection to its clients only from the UK.

Why Chump loves them. Simple, we win and they pay out, always.

• Low fees

• Super fast account opening

• Seamless deposit and withdrawal, and fast!

Vantage has low forex trading fees and non-trading fees. The broker charges no inactivity fee.

So Vantage, safe and trustworthy yes.

But the biggest attraction is the adjustable leverage and their bonus, which is real.

Quick cheat here, if you lose the account and have minus $$$ in the account because you chose a bonus, you don't owe them that money, its just the bonus they gave you, we recommend opening another account and starting again. They don't mind, honest.

So, Leverage is key. The evident benefit of applying leverage is that you can earn a large amount of money with no need for a large amount of your own capital.

Therefore, you need $200 of your own money to trade $100,000 in the market, 1 Lot.

It is a double-edged sword, so you can lose as quickly as you win, so always use the stop loss to mitigate risk.

So, open a demo account today and take advantage of the markets and practice.

Use this link for fast tracking the Australian regulated account and getting a bonus and the increased leverage.


Estimated 100 pip fall of USD/JPY by Monday (example)

one lot is $100,000 with leverage of 500/1 you require $200 margin/capital per 1 lot.

Trading one lot means a pip in your favour gains you $10 (a pip is the 4th decimal point) (0.004)

Therefore 100 pips = 1lot x 100 pips , equals $10,00 with an investment of $200.