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Improve your returns with no extra effort

Trading Mentoring

Effective stock trading strategies can mean the difference between growing your wealth into the millions and losing everything.

Savvy traders are closely examining the markets, watching shifts in trading patterns and looking through technical indicators for signs of when to get into a trade. 

Daily trading strategies also encompass smart exit strategies such as using trailing stops to protect your gains.

We provide daily research, tools, news education, and expert insights to help you make confident investment and trading decisions.

Get investing and professional guidance and discover what trading strategies are available at your fingertips through our experts' mentoring programme. 

Business Meeting

Forex & Commodities Analysis

We build direct relationships by helping all of our clients with forex and commodities analysis based on the leading principles of the market and its nuances.

Outcomes are extremely diversified, and it’s crucial to learn how to optimise in order to maximise gains and cut financial losses.

We provide a dedicated forex manager who will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with personalised forex strategies, trading signals or options for us to trade on your behalf.  

Market Analysis

PAMM Accounts

Using our PAMM accounts is a great way to be in the markets without any effort on your behalf.

We’ve got extensive knowledge and experience in managing PAMM accounts for the best financial outcome.

Book a call with our professional fund manager and learn how you can get the most out of your finances.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper
Organizing Data

Managing Risk

Risk management is the most important aspect of trading. Our primary objective with any trading system is to mitigate risk in all market conditions. We utilise both technical and fundamental analysis for determining overall market conditions. We never take on any unnecessary risk and defend our accounts at early stages with our hedging strategy.

  • We trade all major pairs only

  • We avoid over exposing accounts

  • Remain cautious throughout volatility

  • Hard stop loss if equity drops below 10% of the investment

  • Wait for the best time to enter and exit

  • Don’t take on any unnecessary risk

  • We use traditional hedging only.